DVinchi is a unique new website that will provide you with a variety of images tailored specifically to you.

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DVINCHI was birthed out of a simple idea to bring art collections to the user's fingertips. A user can thumb through art pieces that they like and the website is able to generate a specialized collection based on the types chosen. What is unique about DVinchi is that it sets itself in a class of its own focusing on high end art in a Pandora like format.

DVINCHI will be launching in the next two months. The goal of DVinchi is to provide an unbelievable art experience that allows users' to search for various art pieces. These art pieces can then be displayed on the user's television, computer, tablet or mobile phone as a streaming screen saver! Richard Stockstad sees DVinichi able "To match the emerging trend on the internet and to use Artificial Intelligence to anticipate online consumer interests, in the area of visual media" This product is geared towards everyone.

Stockstad said at a recent presentation of 1 Million Cups in West Des Moines, that "DVINCHI starts out like a game, you play simply liking or disliking pictures, but behind that is a whole lot of technology to benefit the viewer and user of art and images. DVINCHI may have ramifications across a broad spectrum of fields, including education of Art and Art History, Think of new kinds of Art on these ubiquitous black rectangles that are occurring in our lives, From a droid or iphone all the way up to a jumbo tron.

DVINCHI users can browse and create their own art channel for free. While in this format DVINCHI is building the next art platform which will be unveiled by winter of 2013. This next level will showcase artwork that pushes the limits while maintaining a very high caliber of class.

For more information about DVINCHI please contact Chris Sampson at csampson@dvinchi.com, or Rich Stockstad at rstockstad@dvinchi.com.